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Mechanical Engineering and Stainless Steel Fabrication in Blackburn | The Advantages of Using Steel Frames in Construction

Although there is a variety of building materials on the market for use in the construction industry, such as concrete and timber, steel framing is now a popular choice for modern construction, with a list of advantages for builders and engineers. The combination of support beams and columns provides a durable backdrop for floors, roofs and cladding, whilst offering a better reinforcement for internal fixtures and occupants.

Singleton Engineering Solutions provides mild and stainless steel fabrication services to clients in Blackburn and the surrounding areas we cover in the northwest. Our mechanical engineering specialists also design, construct and install a range of conveyor and packaging systems. Our testimonials speak for themselves with nationwide clients consistently recommending us.

Bespoke Automated Machinery

Our professional services are designed to create tailor-made solutions to mechanical and engineering problems across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Contact us today to find out how our expertise can benefit your project.

Why Use Steel Frames?

The following reasons are why, we feel, steel fabricated components are the better option for modern day construction:

Concrete and timber won’t last as long as steel. Timber, for instance, will split and crack over time. It’s also susceptible to infestations, and its shape is affected by moisture. With fire- and water-resistant materials applied for protection, steel will continue to retain its strength and integrity for considerably longer.

With steel frame fabrication occurring in-house, there is less time spent on-site. This reduces the amount of labour required for any project which, in turn, keeps costs down. Due to this shorter construction time, the property in question will be ready for occupancy a lot sooner. That results in faster rentals or production times for our clients.

Steel plays a pivotal role in our business. Without it, Singleton Engineering Solutions wouldn’t be the company it is today. It’s a major component in our conveyor and packaging systems which, in turn, enhance the productivity of our many clients in Blackburn and the northwest.

Using mild and stainless steel to fabricate one-off designs for clients, such as staircases or artistic displays, allows us the opportunity to showcase the talents of our designers, engineers, fabricators and apprentices.

Our mechanical engineering team will work with designers and architects to produce durable, yet uniquely shaped, steel beams and columns. Steel won’t lose its strength, regardless of what shape it’s fabricated into. That gives it a better advantage over other building materials, and why it’s used for the construction of gantries and bridges.

Due to its exceptional strength and resilience, steel frames can be placed farther apart from each other. This allows for the inclusion of wider bays and more spacious floorplans in commercial or industrial properties in Blackburn or the surrounding areas. For our domestic clients, this advantage reduces the need for supporting beams and smaller rooms.

In business since 2015, Singleton Engineering Solutions leads the way in mild and stainless steel fabrication, conveyor and packaging systems, and bespoke automated machinery.

Our highly qualified and time-served mechanical engineering team offers bespoke services to our domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Blackburn and the northwest with innovative ideas and latest technologies.

For mechanical engineering services and stainless steel fabrication in Blackburn and the surrounding localities, please contact Singleton Engineering Solutions on 01282 423198 or 07801 584417.


Unit B7 Farrington Close, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 5SH