Project Description

Singleton Engineering have worked alongside the UK’s leading bakery manufacturer for over five years.

Gareth Singleton has a long-standing relationship with the bakery company, working with them in his previous role on the design and installation of all major plants across their 13 UK sites. He has also managed projects to upgrade their existing machinery.

Initially projects involved providing maintenance and inspection support, and upgrade main assets such as proovers and coolers. More recently works have also included preventative maintenance support, visiting the site during shutdowns and replacing significant items such as rollers and belts to keep the assets running efficiently and preventing breakdowns.

In 2017 Singleton worked with one of their engineers to create a preventative maintenance strategy to reduce the millions of pounds spent each year to repair unreliable machinery. Singleton’s recommendations were released to all 13 sites, and since then we have carried out all the recommended inspections to find any faults before machinery fails and took necessary corrective action.

In the last 18 months, Singleton’s attribution to their maintenance strategy has improved the efficiency and reliability of their ovens, proovers and coolers and dramatically reduced total annual repair costs.

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