Project Description

VEKA UK design, develop and extrude quality PVCU systems.

Singleton Engineering have a well-established relationship with VEKA for general manufacturing and installation works, including pedestrian control measures such as barriers, gates and walkways, heavy duty personnel access doors, new extruders and haul off overalls.

In addition to installation works, our team repair fabricated items on mixing vessels, replace transfer screws in their powder feed system and have also completed a six-month stillage upgrade project which involved repairing 1,000 ______ and recoating in the new upgrade.

We’ve also relocated their existing lines and installed new extrusion or lamination lines. VEKA have 34 lines onsite and we take full care of decommissioning lines, removing assets including the extruder, tip table and pre-ton haul off and replacing all mechanical items. Singleton has also offered VEKA onsite support when lamination lines have failed.

Singleton continue to provide a fully bespoke service to VEKA and consult with their engineering managers to find the best solution. For their removal and installation projects, we offer a turnkey solution and manage all subcontractors to ensure the project is completed to a high standard and on time. VEKA trust Singleton to provide a high-quality, effective service on all works.

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